Billing & Insurance Questions

The staff at Placentia-Linda Hospital is available to help you understand your hospital bill, as well as provide clarification about your insurance plan. Here is what you can expect regarding both hospital and physician billing.

Hospital charges

Placentia-Linda will bill your insurer following your hospital stay. You also will receive a copy of that bill, which may include charges for use of an operating room, nursing care, surgical dressings, medications, lab work, diagnostic tests and other services.

Before you leave the hospital, you will need to pay for itemized costs that aren’t covered by your insurance plan – such as deductibles and copayments. Placentia-Linda accepts cash, personal checks, electronic fund transfers and credit cards.

Our patient billing is processed through a regional central business office. If you have questions about your bill after your insurance company has processed the claim, call (866) 904-6871. If you need further clarification, contact a financial counselor at (714) 524-4872.

You can pay your final bill through our secure online portal, My Health Rec. Before you leave the hospital, you will need to register for this online tool that allows you to make payments on any computer or smartphone.

If you are already enrolled in My Health Rec, you can log in here.

Physician charges

You will receive a separate bill from each physician involved in your surgery and/or care. In addition to your surgeon and anesthesiologist, you may be billed by a pathologist, a registered nurse first assistant who specializes in the operating room environment, a radiologist and/or a cardiologist depending on the nature of your procedure, as well as the type of pre-op testing ordered by your physician.

For questions regarding your anesthesia bill, call Orange Anesthesia at (503) 372-2839 or by email.