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Preparing for a hospital stay

There’s always some anxiety when you are preparing for a hospital stay. But knowing what’s ahead and how to prepare can help you feel better about things. At Placentia-Linda Hospital, we want to do our part by offering several resources that should make that easier 

Here you’ll find directions to the hospital, information on what to expect, a checklist for what to bring (and what not to bring), a guide to your rights and responsibilities as a patient, and important information on advance directives and other legal documents you may want to prepare before your hospital stay.

Need help getting to Placentia-Linda? Check out our maps and driving directions.
Put your mind at ease. Know what to expect before your stay at Placentia-Linda Hospital.
Trying to decide what to bring? We provide a handy checklist of those items – and a list what not to bring.
Review your rights and responsibilities as a patient at Placentia-Linda Hospital.
Are you prepared for any medical situation? Review advance directives and other legal documents that will communicate your wishes.
Do you have a story to share about Placentia-Linda’s role in your healthcare journey? We’d love to hear it.
Take the opportunity to thank a physician, nurse or staff member for delivering an extra level of care and support.