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Physicians and specialists at Placentia-Linda Hospital are dedicated to providing you with a personalized treatment plan to get you back on your feet. We take great pride in making sure you receive the best orthopedic hip treatments and procedures, including some of the most advanced, minimally invasive options for hip replacement surgery. Below are common treatments for hip conditions that we may see.

Anterior Approach to Hip Replacement

The Anterior Approach, which is frequently requested by athletes and others looking to maintain an active lifestyle, can provide be less painful and offer a quicker recovery than traditional hip replacement.  During this procedure, the hip joint is accessed through a single, short incision made over the front of the hip joint without detaching the muscle from the pelvis (hip) or femur (thigh bone).  The muscles important to hip function are not disturbed so patients have more freedom of movement with less pain.  As a result, healing can occur more quickly.​

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Performed at Placentia-Linda Hospital

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Physicians use non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs along with strengthening programs to treat mild to moderate pain associated with inflammation in the hip.

Hip arthroscopy

With a small incision, a surgeon can insert a pencil-sized optical device into the hip joint to see into the joint and correct problems.

Hip dysplasia procedures

To change the shape of the hip joint, a surgeon will typically re-shape the shallow hip socket (acetabulum) so it is in a better position to cover the ball of the hip joint.

Impingement procedures

A physician dislocates the hip, removes the excess bone and damaged tissues and reattaches the femur bone with two screws.


To help relieve a patient’s hip pain as well as to diagnose the direct cause of the pain, physicians commonly prescribe injections of anti-inflammatory medications.

Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

The goal of musculoskeletal rehabilitation is to help a patient return to the highest level of function and independence possible.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is an integral component to a physician’s approach of examining and treating hip pain. It can be used to assist in gaining an understanding of the underlying causes of hip pain.

SuperPath Hip Replacement

The SuperPath® technique is a tissue-sparing procedure that aims to get patients back on their feet within days (possibly hours) instead of weeks or months. A number of patients who have undergone this procedure are able to walk unassisted the day after surgery and leave the hospital without the typical restrictions (such as crossing their legs) associated with total hip replacement.


When the inflamed synovial lining of the hip joint causes disabling pain, a physician can remove the lining by inserting heat-generating radio frequency probes inside the joint capsule.

Treatment of labral tears

The location, chronicity and vascularity of the injured fibrocartilage determine the way a surgeon treats labral tears, with the goal of preserving healthy tissue.

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