Sports Medicine

Knee or hip pain slowing you down? Please take a moment to take a quick assessment to understand the degree of your joint function.

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Recover faster from sports injuries

Athletes and non-athletes alike can discover pain relief and increase mobility through the sports medicine program at Placentia-Linda Hospital. Physicians, nurses, physical therapists and rehabilitation specialists will work together to get you back in the game and restore your quality of life. We offer:

  • Assessments and therapies to restore and enhance movement and agility
  • Nonsurgical treatment options such as medication or physical therapy depending on your condition or injury
  • Minimally invasive surgical treatment procedures if necessary
  • Comprehensive, customized orthopedic rehabilitation services

Sports medicine services at Placentia-Linda are designed to help you recover from injuries and return to the activities you love. We’ll develop a customized care plan just for you, whether it’s a torn ligament, sprain or another injury. Return to the game with relief from pain and emerge as the winner.

Anterior Hip Replacement Surgery Performed at Placentia-Linda Hospital

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Care for your sports injury begins with information. Find out more about the variety of sports-related conditions we treat.
Get accurate diagnosis for sports related injuries to identify the best treatment for conditions like stress fractures, ACL injuries and dislocations.
Receive a personalized treatment plan like physical therapy and MAKOplasty® for sports-related injuries.