Revision Bariatric Surgery

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Revision surgery: a second chance to lose weight

For some patients, weight loss results following surgery may be disappointing. If that’s the case for you, revision weight loss surgery could be the answer. Placentia-Linda Hospital provides this surgical option.

What is revision surgery?

If you’ve regained weight over time following weight loss surgery, or if your weight loss results are disappointing, you may want to consider revision surgery.

What are the different types of revision surgery options?

One example involves the gastric bypass procedure. Occasionally patients may experience an enlargement of the stomach pouch, which makes the surgery less effective. Doctors may inject a sclerosant, a medicine that inflames the stomach pouch, or insert a StomaphyX device that folds the stomach pouch tissue.

These incision-less procedures reduce the volume of the stomach pouch, getting it back to the proper size. Sometimes a new type of surgical weight loss procedure is available that was not available to you before. A revision weight loss surgery represents a second chance to lose weight and live healthier.

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