Women's Health

Complete healthcare for all stages of life

Your health needs are special and the team at Placentia-Linda Hospital provides care for the many stages of your life. Your care begins with education and preventive services and continues with specialized services. Our women's health and gynecology specialties include:

  • Osteoporosis treatment and prevention
  • Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery options for hysterectomies, fibroid removal and incontinence among others
  • 2D and 3D Digital Mammography Services, Breast MRI and Needle Biopsy

Placentia-Linda Hospital is your one stop for women’s healthcare needs. We offer advanced technology and a team of medical experts to take care of you should the need arise.

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We help you detect breast abnormalities early.
Enjoy a faster recovery with minimally invasive surgery available for many women’s health issues. 
Regular gynecologic exams can detect cancer, cysts and other pelvic-related disorders. Schedule an annual today with us.
We help you detect breast abnormalities early.