Breast Health

An important aspect of women’s health

From diagnosis to remission, the experienced medical team at Placentia-Linda Hospital is here to help you with a complete breast cancer care plan should you need it. You can expect:

  • Comprehensive breast health services including 2D & 3D™ digital mammography; Breast MRI; and Stereotactic Biopsy
  • Staff specialists with a breast cancer management background
  • Conveniently located diagnostic imaging and treatment centers

Women today have a higher rate than ever of breast cancer survival. The earlier you discover a lump or abnormality in your breast the better your chances of successful breast cancer treatment. Mammograms can find a small lump or abnormality much sooner than you would be able to feel it on your own. It is an important part of women’s healthcare to perform regular self-breast exams and schedule a mammogram every year starting at the age 40. Often a lump is neither malignant nor cancerous, simply a result of a benign condition. It is important to have a specialist diagnose your breast condition by scheduling a mammogram and reviewing the results.

Care after your breast cancer diagnosis

If you are diagnosed with breast cancer our treatment team consisting of doctors, surgeons and nurses will take care of you. Placentia-Linda offers the latest in breast cancer therapies, including oncology and lymphedema treatment. The team can walk you through the entire process from diagnosis to treatment and beyond. We also offer support through groups of women experiencing the same struggles who meet weekly at the hospital. 

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